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Mission, Vision, & Values


Goldstein Museum of Design uses the power of design to foster improved quality of life for individuals and communities.



Through design, Goldstein Museum of Design inspires empathy for others and advances knowledge.


  • We are a public bridge, connecting the College of Design to the community, and an open window into the complex narrative of historic and contemporary design.
  • We are eager to learn about the students and faculty we serve – their needs, interests, and expectations.
  • We recognize that object-based learning occurs across the life span and requires different strategies to meet learners at their level of understanding.
  • We support and commit to museum best practices for collection preservation, interpretation, and access.
  • We strive to make prudent decisions in allocating human, financial, and environmental resources.



Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses
Metal, 1999
Gift of Paula Harter

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Goldstein Museum of Design

364 McNeal Hall,

1985 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

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