University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
School of Architecture College of Design

The Magazine That Ignores Boundaries (A Magazine for Exiles)

11" x 17.5"

Rudy VanderLans Art Director

Marc Susan Editor

Menno Meyjes Editor

Diane Julia Olberg Assistant Editor

Don Carpenter

One Pocket

[artwork, Bert van der Meij]

William Cone

Down and Back

Johanna Drucker

Being in Places

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Your time has come

Gavin Flint


[back cover]

John Hersey

Immigrant X

Tom Klinkowstein

How we communicate

Menno Meyjes


Jacques Overhoff

Sundial, Torque

Hans Sluga

Passing Thoughts

Marc Susan

Emigre Poems

Terry Trucco


Rudy VanderLans

Just like I pictured it

go forward

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364 McNeal Hall,

1985 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

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