University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
School of Architecture College of Design

The Magazine That Ignores Boundaries

11" x 17.5"

Rudy VanderLans Art Director, Designer

Marc Susan Senior Editor

Andrei Toluzakov Associate Editor

Alice Polesky Associate Editor

Debra Seagal Assistant Editor

Anne Telford Assistant Editor

Karen Keenan Editorial Consultant

Cindy Arnold Business Manager

Zuzana Licko Digital Typedesign and Typesetting

West Coast Print Center, Printing

Tom Clark

Northwest 157

Lisa Cohen

Back to Capetown, Part One: Leeuwenstreet

William Cone

James Joyce

Didier Cremieux

Tales of Exotica

Armand DeLuise

Photograph of South African Poet Lisa Cohen

[front cover]

John Fante

The Odyssey of a Wop

Gavin Flint

Visions of a Childhood in Japan

Anne Gleeson

A Homage to Grant Murnaga

[paintings by Grant Murnaga]

John Hersey

Yul Brynner

Lewis MacAdams

To the Russian Women

[translated by Svetlana Darsalia]

Marek Majerski


Menno Meyjes

The Death of Christopher Marlowe

Peter Plate


[portrait by Dana F. Smith]

Alice Polesky

Antom Du Movement Indien

[photos by Michelle Vignes]

Bijan Samadar

poem: Teatime in Persia

[painting by Badri E. Borgai, calligraphy by F. Heidari]

Dana F. Smith

Samuel Beckett

Marc Susan

Bye Bye Bohemians

Marc Susan

An Interview with Menno Meyjes


Andrei Toluzakov


[photocollage by Antonio Ole]

Rudy VanderLans


Zuzana Licko


[typeface, early version]

Zuzana Licko


[typeface, early version]

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