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University of Minnesota
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Various Travel Accounts

11" x 17.5"

Rudy VanderLans Art Direction

Zuzana Licko Typedesigns

Lompa Printing and Alonzo Printing: Printers

Judy Anderson

Tokyo Press Check / Making Face

[with Ginny Hoyle]

Tom Bonauro

Views of Travel [insert]

Susan E. King

Family Photos Foretell Future [America is My Country but Paris is My Hometown – Gertrude Stein]

Robert Kopecky

Around the World with Shithead and Winky

Stefano Massei


suitcase by William Passarelli [back cover]

Paul Kwan, Arnold Iger

The Travel Journals of Paul Kwan and Arnold Iger

Rudy VanderLans

Untitled Photograph

[front cover]

Rudy VanderLans

Picture the Southwest [bonus book]

Zuzana Licko


Zuzana Licko


Zuzana Licko


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