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University of Minnesota
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Wise Guys

11" x 17.5"

Rudy VanderLans Editor, Designer

[Piet Schreuders]

Mr. (Jeffrey) Keedy Guest Editor, Designer

[Edward Fella]

Alice Polesky Editorial Consultant

Elizabeth Dunn Distribution & Promotion, Editorial Assistant

Zuzana Licko Typeface Designs

Piet Schreuders (17.1)

Mark Lewisohn

Photograph of Piet Schreuders

[front cover]


Lay In, Lay Out: Piet Schreuders


Emigre Readers


Piet Schreuders

Mystery and Necessity in Typography

Rudy VanderLans

Piet Schreuders (the original)


Zuzana Licko



Edward Fella (17.2)

Vincent A. Carducci

Spider’s Strategem: The Deconstructive Web of Edward Fella

Edward Fella

[back cover]

Edward Fella

Various works

Mr. (Jeffrey) Keedy

A Conversation with Edward Fella and Mr. Keedy


Lorraine Wild

Notes on Edward Fella: “Design in a Bordertown”

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