University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
School of Architecture College of Design

The Next Big Thing

8.5" x 10.875"

Rudy VanderLans Editor, Designer

Alice Polesky Copy Editor

Zuzana Licko Emigre Fonts

Tim Starback Sales, Distribution & Administration

John Todd, Darren Cruikshank Sales

Carl Francis DiSalvo

Towards an aesthetics of intellectual discourse “The Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, Electric Speech” by Avital Ronel

[book review]

Kenneth FitzGerald

The angel is my floating-point!

Diane Gromala

Before you bury Gutenberg… “The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age” by Sven Birkerts

[book review]

Emigre Readers

The Readers Respond

Paul Roberts

Virtual grub street: Sorrows of a multimedia hack

David Thomas

It bytes

Putch Tu

Alien travels

Rudy VanderLans



Rudy VanderLans

Graphic Design and the Next Big Thing

Lorraine Wild

That was then, and this is now: but what is next?

Zuzana Licko


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