University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
School of Architecture College of Design

Designers are People Too

8.5" x 10.875"

Rudy VanderLans Publisher, Designer

Zuzana Licko Emigre Fonts

Alice Polesky Copy Editor

Tim Starback Manager

Ella Cross, John Todd Sales

PrePress Assembly: Prepress

American Web: Printing

Denise Gonzales Crisp

Out of Context: Entrepreneurs, Designists and other Utopians

Mr. (Jeffrey) Keedy

Greasing the Wheels of Capitalism with Style and Taste or the ‘Professionalization’
of Graphic Design in America


Space Probe: Investigations into Monospace

[pull-out poster]

Emigre Readers

The Readers Respond

Teal Triggs, Sîan Cook

Maggie Thatcher’s Handbag

Rudy VanderLans


Rudy VanderLans

The Trouble with Type

Barry Deck

Template Gothic

Zuzana Licko

Base 9 and 12

Zuzana Licko

Base Monospace

Zuzana Licko


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