University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
School of Architecture College of Design


6" x 8.5"

Rudy VanderLans Magazine Production

Elliott Earls DVD Direction & Production

Alice Polesky Copy Editor

Zuzana Licko Emigre Fonts

Tim Starback Manager

Ella Cross, Dan Offer Sales/Distribution

American Web: Magazine Prepress and Printing

Centerpoint Graphics: >Cardboard Folder Printing

Elliott Earls


[film DVD]

Kenneth FitzGerald

What Culture Wants What Culture Needs: An Argument in Favor of Independent
Publishing or The Nice and Small of Emigre Music

Zuzana Licko

Mrs Eaves OpenType: The Absolute Font Format

Rudy VanderLans



Elliott Earls


Sibylle Hagmann


Zuzana Licko

Mrs Eaves

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1985 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

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