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Larsen & Zollinger

Larsen & Zollinger

Jack Lenor Larsen Oral History Project is 2019 winner of the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Media Award.


Jack Lenor Larsen is one of the most influential textile designers in the world. For 45 years he led the company founded in his name, Jack Lenor Larsen Incorporated, in the production of fabrics for the interior environment. In later years he produced carpet and furniture under the Larsen Carpet and Larsen Furniture names. Larsen took his design inspiration from around the world, visiting scores of countries to learn traditional hand-weaving and loom techniques which he interpreted in new and innovative ways. In 1997, Jack Lenor Larsen Incorporated was purchased by the English firm Colefax and Fowler. On the occasion of this purchase, a decision was made to donate Larsen’s entire archive to the University of Minnesota (Elmer L. Andersen Library Archives and the Goldstein Museum of Design [GMD]) and Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Search for Larsen items in the GMD's collection here.



About the Interviewer

Dr. Stephanie Zollinger is a Professor in the College of Design, University of Minnesota. She has long been a scholar of Jack Lenor Larsen. She was curator of the 2001 GMD exhibition Inspirations of an Innovator: Jack Lenor Larsen and co-author of the catalog Interplay: Perspectives on the Design Legacy of Jack Lenor Larsen. To help preserve the Larsen legacy, Dr. Zollinger interviewed many of Larsen’s former designers, employees, and colleagues. These interviews were audiotaped and transcribed and are now an important source of information available for scholars and admirers of Jack Lenor Larsen.



Oral History Transcripts and Audio Clips



Julie Irish, Research Assistant for the Jack Lenor Larsen Oral History Project, assisted with curating the website content and design of web pages.

Funding for these oral histories was provided by a Craft Research Fund Grant from the University of North Carolina, Asheville Center for Craft, Creativity & Design.


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