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Krista Stack

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May 20, 2009


Stack's Residence

Brooklyn, New York


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Biographical Summary

Born in Minneapolis in 1971, Stack started weaving at the age of two.  Surrounded by textiles, craft, and art, she wrote a school paper on Jack Lenor Larsen at the age of fifteen.  Choosing a liberal arts university with access to a strong art college, Stack graduated from Brown University in 1993, with a B.A. in European History.  She also followed the textile design curriculum at Rhode Island School of Design for four years.   During that time Stack spent a year at the University of Bologna.  In 1994, Stack started in the Larsen Design Studio, ultimately rising to the position of Director of Design.  In 1999, she left the Larsen Design Studio and proceeded to work for textile mills in Turkey, India, Israel, and the United States.  She currently resides in Zurich and continues to work for the industry and individuals through her company, Krista Stack Design. 


Interview Topics

Stack recounts childhood memories with her mother, a textile curator; studying textiles at Rhode Island School of Design; her early experiences at the Larsen Design Studio; Jack Lenor Larsen as mentor; working with the mills; the process of creating a collection; and she compares the textile industry then and now. 



Serenade (1993)
Simply Grand Collection
Solace (1993)
Simply Grand Collection

Funding for these oral histories was provided by a Craft Research Fund Grant from the University of North Carolina, Asheville Center for Craft, Creativity & Design.


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