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Jack Lenor Larsen at 90: Transformations By A Textile Innovator

Jack Lenor Larsen at 90: Transformations by a Textile Innovator

Exhibition Dates | September 23, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Reception | September 22, 2017; 6-8PM

This exhibition will celebrate Jack Larsen’s 90th birthday through his many innovations, as the textiles on exhibit are informed by Larsen’s mastery of craft techniques, technological innovation, and inspiration from global design traditions. Approximately 65-70 textiles will be augmented with didactic text, guided tours, and public lectures.

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Fall 2017:

Dutch Complex Housing

September 2,2017 - January 28th, 2018

dutch complex housing

Guest Curator: J. Robinson

Dutch Complex Housing explores a special form of multi-family dwelling developed in response to limited location and socially responsible policy.

The exhibition profiles eight visually rich structures that are each responsive to their location and are formed to house variety of housing types and income levels plus non-housing functions to create diverse communities. In the Netherlands, where housing is a right, and urban design is central to providing adequate housing, complex housing emerged to make the best use of public transportation and infrastructure, generate income, and provide diversity of lifestyle in dense, urban settings. Can this innovative type of housing be replicated elsewhere?

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Northrop Gallery

Minneapolis Campus



Roots to Healing

March 10, 2017 – January 2018

roots to healing

Curator: Lisa Philander

Designer: Stephanie Xenos

This exhibition at Northrop Gallery explores the global roots of plant-based healing in Minnesota.

We depend on plants for our wellbeing. Our story is inextricably linked to theirs through the food, fiber, medicine and other benefits they provide. Roots to Healing: A brief survey of the past, present and future of plant-based remedies in Minnesota, an exhibition organized by the College of Biological Sciences Conservatory, invites you to consider the historical, cultural, scientific and economic value of a handful of plants from around the globe that have taken root in Minnesota from the commonplace plantain to the rare Lady’s Slipper orchid or the controversial Cannabis.

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