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What are you researching? What intriguing story do you want to tell? GMD can help you tell that story in your role as guest curator.



GMD exhibitions explore design, designers, and design history. GMD's Gallery 241 (McNeal) and HGA Gallery (Rapson) feature exhibitions organized by CDes faculty and staff, GMD professional staff and students, and the scholarship of other organizations (traveling exhibitions). Exhibitions each run a semester.

Gallery 241 is a high-security location in which objects can be presented. Approximately 100+ people/week visit this gallery. HGA Gallery is low security, so content is generally presented on boards. Approximately 250+ people a week pass through this gallery.

We review proposals on a rolling basis, generally booking approximately 18-24 months out.

Guest curators are important to GMD exhibitions as you bring new ideas and research into an exhibition learning environment that our students and faculty can explore. The partnerships may vary, but the general tasks of a guest curator [GC] are to:
• Develop the concept and flow of the exhibition • Secure funding for the exhibition and related programs [GMD can assist]
• Select objects and/or imagery and produce a final written checklist for the exhibition
• Provide GMD staff with draft of text panel and annotated label copy for the exhibition
• With GMD staff, develop exhibition installation design
• Work within the agreed-upon budget
• Speak about the exhibition topic at related programs and/or give gallery tours

GMD will:
• Partner with GC regarding the revision and editing of the text
• Provide gallery space for the Exhibition
• Develop graphic identity for the Exhibition that will appear in published (invitation, banner) and didactic materials (text  panels, annotated labels)
• Develop loan documents for the objects [Gallery 241]
• Arrange for packing and round trip shipping of objects [Gallery 241]
• Prepare the gallery and install the Exhibition
• Promote the Exhibition through press release, invitation,  magazine, eblasts, and website and work with the College of  Design Communication Office on additional promotion
• Provide gallery monitors for security during open hours [Gallery 241]
• Secure the gallery after hours [Gallery 241]
• Deinstall (or strike) the Exhibition at the end of the display period.

Exhibitions can reflect the work of grant-funded projects, be timed to contribute to tenure review or a book launch, and can enhance a special event or conference. Objects from GMD's collection may be included in Gallery 241 exhibitions (for photos and info about collection objects see:

Successful guest curators have been both solo and team experiences (for past exhibitions see:

Complete this form and submit it to GMD at 364 McNeal Hall.  Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis by GMD staff and others. 

Contact Lin Nelson-Mayson,, with questions and concerns.


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