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Exhibitions from 1999

Fiber into Fantasy  
October 3, 1999 to January 9, 2000  

Fiber into Fantasy featured a series of ethereal gowns created by Zandra Rhodes, and Robert Hillestad's richly textured celebration coats, collars and wall pieces, grouped to represent the colors of each season. The work of these artists revealed that the everyday can be transformed through fantasy.

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A Gathering of Stitches: Quilts and Quilted Clothing from the Goldstein  
June 12, 1999 to September 12, 1999  

This exhibition featured historic and contemporary quilts and garments that included quilting as a major design or construction feature. All of the objects were from the Goldstein's collection and were produced between 1750 and 1993. The exhibition focused on social, historical and aesthetic contexts of the pieces. They were each one-of-a-kind objects that defy simple categorization, but they all provide insights into people's everyday lives.

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Timothy Trent Blade Retrospective  
February 21 to May 2, 1999  

This exhibition featured the personal collection of U of M professor Tim Blade, who died of lymphoma in 1996. Blade was considered the regional expert on the subject of collecting and used his collections as teaching tools. The retrospective told the story of those who influenced him, encouraged his love of art and history, and the mentors who set him in motion. He collected American federal furniture, 17 and 18th century old master drawings and watercolors, Oriental rugs and European and Chinese decorative arts.

Fashions and Furniture of the Titanic  
January 1 to April 30, 1999  
Fashions and Furniture of the Titanic coincided with Titanic. . .the exhibition and presented clothing from c. 1912. Exhibits included heavily embellished women's evening dresses, finely tailored day suits, men's evening wear and a child's sailor suit. Women's dress in particular underwent drastic changes in the years leading up to the First World War.  



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