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Exhibitions from 2003  

September 28, 2003 to January 4. 2004

Form\Inform visually demonstrated the influence of education experience within a social, cultural, and historical framework through a display of work by juried and invited participants. By featuring both the student and the professional work of each designers, the exhibition potrayed how influences such as social movements, geography, lifestyle, and diverse experience work to influence artists. The exhibition encouraged viewers to understand the impact and value of hgih quality design education on one of the most prevalent forms of design in our everyday lives.

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Exhibition curated by Professor Steven McCarthy

Bonnie Cashin: An Elegant Solution  
June 1 to September 7, 2003  

The exhibition featured the work of 20th-century fashion designer Bonnie Cashin. Cashin borrowed the term "elegant solution" from Einstein, one of her heros. The term refers to the creative process of moving from an original idea, through experimentation and error to find the pure and simple answer to a problem.

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Best Yet: The DHA Senior Design Exhibition  
April 27 to May 14, 2003  

Best Yet was put together by graduating seniors in DHA. The works on display included class projects and free-lance design projects. The exhibition spanned the interdisciplinary work produced in the department including graphic design, clothing design and interior design.


Minnesota Design Biennial - Here by Design II  
March 16 to April 20, 2003  


The exhibition presented eighteen designers/businesses who shared a fundamental belief in ideas as generators of twenty-first century culture and commerece. Their work proclaimed that design can forge new links between materials, technolog, expertise, business and- most importantly- the people who use things.

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