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Alexey Brodovitch: Art Director


May 29 - September 20 2015



Alexey Brodovitch: Art Directorcelebrates the life and work ofone of the most preeminent designers of the last century.Best known for his nearly quarter-century tenure atHarper’s Bazaar(1934-1958),Brodovitch ushered in many of the Modernist innovations that shape what we think of today as contemporary magazine design. Hislasting and far-reaching influence is seen throughout graphic design, advertising, photography, and design education.This exhibition illustrates Brodovitch'soeuvre as an art director and graphic designer through artifacts fromthe Goldstein Museum of Design and University Libraries collections; highlights include rare copies of Brodovitch's magazines, books, and design journals such as the short-lived but revolutionaryPortfolio(1950-51).

Curators:Ron Ott and Curt Lund

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