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University of Minnesota
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Design Cycles, A Bike Show


May 17 – June 29, 2014




Bicycles are in the news. People are running errands, commuting to work, pulling trailers, riding in groups, losing weight, keeping fit, raising spirits, building frames, sharing bikes, and tackling an impressive variety of terrains on bicycles. Countless route maps populate kiosks, apps record personal routes and physical effort, and online resources review everything from tire pumps to handmade frames. Despite its burgeoning popularity, bicycle riders find themselves at the nexus of a rather complex urban context that is filled with both supportive infrastructure and high levels of vehicular traffic. This exhibition touches on cultural phenomena surrounding the bicycle, but focuses on its accomplishments as a designed and engineered object. Arguably, one of the leading enticements of avid cyclers is the beauty of the machine itself; a design that is so efficient that it has remained remarkably similar to a form that was conceived over 100 years ago.


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