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A Right To Establish A Home


August 23, 2014 - January 4, 2015



In August 1931, Arthur and Edith Lee, a young African-American couple, purchased a home at 4600 Columbus Avenue South, Minneapolis, in what many considered a “white neighborhood.” A Right to Establish a Home examines the protests that followed in the context of race and housing in Minneapolis, racism in Minnesota, and the individuals and organizations that defended the Lees, including the NAACP and the distinguished attorney Lena Olive Smith.

GUEST CURATORS: Greg Donofrio, Laurel Fritz

COMMUNITY COLLABORATORS: Stearline Rucker and the Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group


The IAS Heritage Collaborative; Minnesota Historical Society/University of Minnesota Heritage Partnership;
Imagine Fund, the McKnight Arts and Humanities Endowment; and Rapson Hall Exhibitions Fund with support from Judy Dayton.

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