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The Importance of Drawing: Ralph Rapson's Legacy

November 11, 2010 – January 9, 2011

Ralph Rapson had a profound influence on architecture. One of his most admired skills – besides designing outstanding, humanistic architecture – was his exceptional ability to draw.

Characteristically, the “Minnesota Style,” incorporates the qualities that appear in Rapson’s own drawings: strong use of line to define three dimensional form; mastery of shade and shadow to define forms and give them materiality; populating buildings and landscapes by believable characters of all shapes and sizes, ages and gender and nationality.

The style that Rapson championed is an enlivened design that engages the viewer in the theater of life that which with architecture is concerned. 

In a partnership with the A&LA Library, original drawings by Rapson were exhibited in the Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library exhibition gallery, with additional examples of Rapson’s work, along with work by many of his Minnesota colleagues and students, featured in the HGA Gallery.

Organized and toured by the GMD; Curated by Jim Dozier, HGA Gallery exhibition coordinator, College of Design

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