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Current fashion trends have a shorter lifespan than ever before. Considerable resources are necessary for the textile and apparel industries to process raw fiber into a finished product including labor, energy, and water. Supporting fashion trends and global-based production has complicated sustainability issues with poor working conditions, unfair wages, low quality fabric and poor workmanship, excessive resource consumption, and unnecessary textile waste. To combat these issues, sustainability has emerged on the forefront of the fashion industry. Today, redefining and redesigning fashion for sustainability calls for participation from both designer and user. As users, we can affect sustainability by controlling how clothing functions and is used. We can give momentum to sustainability by considering how the environment is shaped by our choices and how our decisions can influence and inspire economic and social concerns.

This juried exhibition considers how designers can create apparel that provides a longer, eco-friendly lifespan. Its purpose is twofold: (1) to promote awareness about what it means for fashion to be sustainable and (2) to launch ideas about how design can help that process. We invite you to explore how these designers have created clothing and accessories while being mindful of the earth’s resources. Five sustainability themes are identified using distinct icons throughout the exhibition. You can trace how these themes are developed and interrelated (click on themes to learn more)


Alternative Construction
& Technique
   Repurposed Materials         
Valuing Resources    Emotional Connections    Versatility   

Designers (click on names to see work)

Anca Elena Barca Kelsie Doty Lauren Kacher Seoha Min Jean Parsons Jennifer Voth
Melanie Carrico Tanga Elena M. Jo Kallal Susan Moaveni Sherry Sanden-Will  
Anny Li-Fen Chang Martin Flores Linda Kollofski Colleen Mortez Sandra Starkey
Vishna Collins Kristy Janigo Rosetta LaFleur Mary Mortenson Lindsey Strange  
Susan Crow Kari Kachelmacher Theresa Lastovich Lucie Mulligan Anna Sviben  


This exhibition organized and presented by the Goldstein Museum of Design in Gallery 241, January 19 - May 26, 2012. Guest Curators: Marilyn DeLong, Barbara Heinemann, Kathryn Reiley. Graphic Identity: Ellen Schneider. Support for this exhibition and related programs by: University of Minnesota Extension, College of Design, Imagine Fund Annual Faculty Award, Fashion Avenue (Lead Sponsor), Wet Paint, Treadle Yard Goods, and Goldstein Museum of Design.



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