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Upcycled Design for the 21st Century:

Anca Elena Barca, Student, University Of Arts
"George Enescu," Romania


Creative designers and artists are perhaps the most inventive when it comes to upcycling or creating new products from waste. Eco design may also use bi-products of industry, reducing the amount of waste being dumped in a landfill. Sustainable design for the 21st century, also called environmental design, is a concept to comply with the principles of ecological sustainability. These design principles insist on the right of humanity and nature to co-exist in a healthy and sustainable condition.

Connections between spiritual and material consciousness occur as human design depends on the natural world. I purchased this dress with the idea of transforming it – of remaking an old textile and redesigning it into a new form. As I worked through the redesign, the process inspired me to make these connections.

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