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Knot What it Seams, An Heirloom Bridal Gown

Colleen Moretz, Faculty Immaculata University

This bridal gown is made from repurposed vintage linens. This wedding dress is intended to be worn while metaphorically tying-the-knot. The bride only needs to purchase one dress that fulfills her desire to wear a modest wedding dress for the church ceremony, as well as a revealing evening gown for the reception by removing the train and jacket.

The wedding dress is created from three damask table cloths gathered from friends’ linen closets. These forgotten finely crafted linens are given new purpose by creating this one-of-a-kind heirloom bridal gown. The biggest challenge in using these repurposed table linens is working around the stains. The fabrics are truly works of art. Something old is revealed as something new.



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