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Spiral and Winter Historic Coat Inspirations

Jean Parsons, Faculty, U of MO

The merging of historic methods and modern technology is a hallmark of Parson’s designs. Inspired by 19th and 20th Century coat reproductions and United States sewing pattern patents, her strategies emphasize reducing labor and minimizing fabric waste. Each coat consists of only 1 or 2 pattern pieces while strategic slashes create both fit and shape. Digital printing, a technique that places ink directly onto the fabric, produced the print’s crisp lines and vibrant colors, without harmful byproducts of industrial dyeing processes.

These coats represent a creative approach that potentially reduces fabric waste and sewing labor. Finally, because much waste is created when we decide something is no longer appealing, designs created with large pieces of cloth and printed with interesting patterns, may also be recycled into other products more easily.


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