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Marilyn’s Shawl

Linda Kollofski, Designer, Minneapolis, MN

Clothing can be a way of creating community, connecting compassionate words and images of loved ones to a person with serious illness. It can also connect innovation and technology with craft and tradition…all within the healing power of beauty. I believe this concept can be expanded into many types of garments and bring new meaning to the healing power of cloth

The wool/silk shawl was dyed by first rolling up flowers and leaves into a piece of cloth and then dyeing it naturally. Images of sacred healing significant to the recipient were hand-painted on the cloth. The lining was digitally printed on silk with guestbook entries and images from the recipient’s CaringBridge site. When wearing the shawl, the community of loving caring words is literally next to the skin of the ill person, so she can feel others’ love and prayers, promoting healing.


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