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University of Minnesota
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Winter Bicycle Commuter Jacket

Lindsey Strange, Designer, Christopher & Banks
St. Paul, MN

I designed and constructed this winter bike commuter jacket to incorporate the functional elements of high performance cycling apparel into a fashionable garment that blends into an everyday wardrobe. This is a sustainable form of design resulting in quality, long lasting apparel products that promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

All the textiles are from thrift stores and salvaged remnants. A men’s red and black wool shirt was the inspiration, supplemented by four weights of black wool scraps strategically placed for their texture next to skin, breathability, and structure. Wool was used for its aesthetic, antimicrobial properties and superior ability to regulate body temperature. Facing is a men’s nylon windbreaker. New closures guarantee quality and ensure a longer lifespan for the garment. The result is a classic that can be worn for everyday commuting and many seasons of riding.



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