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Copper and Fire

Lucie Jane Mulligan, Student, U of MN

One garment that can be worn to a variety of events in a multiple ways results in versatility and freedom. The skirt is reversible and convertible to different lengths and colors for different settings and occasions. Different belts were created to tie the look together.

Inspiration came from a butterfly or moth: one having different colored and patterned underside and outer wings. The idea of one creature having two entirely different looks, to fit into different environments, was something I wanted to give women. This allows women to create a wardrobe from fewer pieces, yet still have the freedom to have options for a variety of occasions and events.




Vitamin Weave

Lucie Jane Mulligan, Student, U of MN

This example forces people to think about where their waste is going and the impact that has on the world. This garment shows that disposable items like labels and wrappers, seen as trash to most people, can be reinvented to form something beautiful. The dress was fashioned to look like a fancy ball gown, complete with veil-cap and handbag, to demonstrate that non-traditional materials can still create a traditional looking beautiful dress.

This dress was created out of vitamin water labels, fruit bag netting and other recycled materials. Strips of labels were woven together to create a lattice structure that mimics fabric and allows for a close body fit.

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