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Overdyed Vintage Bjorkman Coat
An Upcycled Project

Mary Mortenson, Designer, St. Paul, MN

I knew this garment was special at first sight… then saw the Bjorkman label. This silk coat, originally emerald green, was created in 1963 by seamstresses in the Roy H. Bjorkman, Inc. women’s specialty store. I purchased it at a used clothing shop. I wish the original owner could see it now – this coat has been to special occasions in the 1960s and again fifty years later!

I first removed the beaded buttons, and then shibori-stitched the coat, discharged, overdyed, and sewed the buttons back on, with an extra row of beads. For runway presentation, I painted a pair of pumps, and beaded a pair of orchid color vintage gloves.




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