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Luxury Flat Rings

Susan Crow, Eco Jewelry Designer
East Fourth Street Jewelry, Minneapolis, MN

I create jewelry that is as ethical as it is beautiful. These rings are designed to wear separately or together as a stacked set. East Fourth Street jewelry creates eco-chic sustainable jewelry from recycled metal and reused, vintage, or fair-trade ethically mined diamonds and gemstones set in 14kt recycled yellow gold.

Different design strategies are integrated into this process such as Design for Disassembly, Reuse and Repair, Zero Waste, and Long Design. No gold filled or plated metal is used unless it is reclaimed from old discarded jewelry. Different metals are not combined together unless they can be easily separated. Absolutely no chemical based patinas, cleaners or glue are used; all scrap, paper, and materials are recycled.



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Goldstein Museum of Design

364 McNeal Hall,

1985 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

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