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Longevity of clothing is vital to the mission of creating sustainable fashion and can be achieved
through thoughtful consideration of its potential. New life can be injected into old garments by

❚ Appreciating local culture – Using local design options and materials from unique
surroundings to create an inspired garment
❚ Slow fashion – A shift in perspective that values sustainability in clothing production
such as savoring design elements, fine craftsmanship, and minimal chemical
processing. This encourages high standards from manufacturers, improves the product
for the wearer, and promotes clothing longevity.
❚ Co-designing – Inviting collaboration between user and designer to increase the
feeling of involvement by the user, challenging the designer to create clothing that
continues to provide pleasure for the user and is less likely to be discarded.
❚ Using natural and organic dye – Reduces the amount of water and energy needed
and decreases the number of harmful pollutants released into the environment.
❚ Clothing care – Consumers are encouraged to consider hand washing, using cooler
temperatures, lessen the frequency of machine washing to lower water usage, to line
dry instead of machine drying – all to extend clothing life.

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