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Eco-Friendly Australian Wool Hand-Crafted Accessories

Vishna Collins, Designer, St. Ives, Australia

This eco-friendly collection emphasizes innovation, crafting and design. It references the key contemporary issues of consumption and sustainability, and honors long-standing traditions in felting, quilting, appliqué, dyeing, crochet, knitting, spinning & weaving, lacemaking, and embroidery. The collection synthesizes beauty and utility in (slow) fashion, where the provenance is acknowledged, where consideration has been given to the care and life of the garments, and how they will travel in the future.

As a designer, I have considered the effect of the garment on the body, as well as its ecological footprint – Where the materials come from, what dyes are made from, and how the garment will be cared for. The collection uses every inch of the fabric and wool yarn, thus recovering and creating something functional and aesthetically appealing, which otherwise may have ended up in landfill.

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