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Dutch Complex Housing

A traveling exhibition of innovative urban living

Dutch Complex Housing explores a special form of multi-family dwelling developed in response to limited location and socially responsible policy. The exhibition profiles eight visually rich structures that are each responsive to their location and are formed to house variety of housing types and income levels plus non-housing functions to create diverse communities. In the Netherlands, where housing is a right, and urban design is central to providing adequate housing, complex housing emerged to make the best use of public transportation and infrastructure, generate income, and provide diversity of lifestyle in dense, urban settings. Can this innovative type of housing be replicated elsewhere?


Dutch Housing LogoDutch Complex Housing presents this content in four parts:

  • An introduction to housing in the Netherlands
  • An introduction to typological methodology* used to study the housing
  • The eight examples  - De Muzen, Silodam, The Whale, De Zilvervloot, Avenue Plaza, Virjburcht, La Grande Cour, De Opgang, De Beeklaan
  • Principles that generate this type of housing and its potential for replicability elsewhere.


*Typological methodology compares each structure’s features such as site, massing, materials, fenestration (windows), color, courtyards, functions, housing types (row houses, maisonettes, flats, penthouses, group homes), access, outdoor space, and organization.


Dutch Complex Housing will premiere at the University of Minnesota’s Goldstein Museum of Design in September 2017 and will be available for bookings beginning in January 2018.

Exhibition Specifics

Contents:              Forty-eight fully designed, ready to print graphic panels with images, text, and diagrams

Fee:                          $500 (digital file, one time use)

Size:                          100 linear feet

Security:                Low

Available:             January 2018- June 2020

Keywords:            Architecture, housing, multi-family, Netherlands

Curator:                 Professor Julia W Robinson, Ph.D., FAIA

Scheduling:         Lin Nelson-Mayson, Director, Goldstein Museum of Design



Educational Resources

Book: Complex Housing: Designing for Density, Routledge. Anticipated publication August 2017.

Lecture: Author and exhibition curator Julia W Robinson explores the background, research methods, and implications of complex housing. Available beginning March 2017.

Monograph: The dialogue between Dutch and American housing professionals at the symposium “Complexity: Dutch and American Housing” (Oct 6-8 2017, University of Minnesota) will be documented in a print-on-demand monograph. Available after March 2018









Contact Information

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