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Teaching and Research

As a teaching museum, GMD invites faculty from the University of Minnesota and other colleges or universities to incorporate objects from GMD’s collection into your coursework, research, and interdisciplinary projects. We will work with you to arrange a focused viewing of objects from the collection for your class.

For a small group, objects may be brought to GMD’s Research Center. Supervised access will include a brief tutorial in object handling and gloves will be provided. For a larger group, objects may be brought to your classroom in McNeal Hall or to a classroom reserved for the object encounter. Objects cannot be taken off site. With notice, GMD may be available during off hours for UMN classes.

To view objects from the collection, a reservation is required one to two weeks in advance. Contact Jean McElvain, Assistant Curator, 612.625.2737 or to discuss your class needs and make a reservation. Search the collection online for ideas of objects to use in your class.

Please have the following available when scheduling:
-Contact information including phone and email
-Course name, number and department
-Number of people in the group





Costume History student
Spring 2010

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