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Guided Tours
Guided tours are available to groups of up to 40 people. Tours are designed to initiate dialogue about ideas raised by the exhibition topics. Depending on the age group, a museum tour lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes. PK-12 student groups must have one chaperone for every ten students. Chaperones and teachers are free.

  GMD Members FREE
  College of Design students FREE
  Students PK-12 $1 per person
  Non-U of MN college students $3 per person
  Senior 62+ $3 per person
  Adults $5 per person

Because the gallery is not large, groups over 20 will be split into two groups with one section touring the Research Center, while the other tours the exhibition.

Self Guided Tours
Groups are welcome to explore the exhibitions on their own or with an outside educator. Self-guided tours must take place during GMD’s public hours. There is no time limit for self-guided groups.

Scheduling a Tour
To schedule a tour, please email or call 612.625.2737. Reservations are contingent upon availability, and tours are not scheduled until confirmed via telephone. Guided tours must be requested at least four weeks in advance and are scheduled by appointment. Please have the following information available when booking your tour:

Your name and the name of your organization/school
Contact telephone number (cell or home number if available)
Type of tour you are requesting
Date and times you would like to bring your group
Age/ grade and number of people in your group
Number of chaperones
Important thematic/curriculum connections
Special needs your group may require

Tours must be paid for at least one week before the scheduled date. Checks should be made payable to “University of Minnesota” with “Goldstein Museum of Design” in the memo line. Reimbursements are NOT given if there are fewer people in your group than initially scheduled.

We request that cancellations of tours occur in writing at least three business days before your scheduled visit. You may email your cancellation letter to Please note that refunds will NOT be given for reservations cancelled less than two business days before the scheduled date. Groups will be responsible for their minimum tour fee if they are a no show, or cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled tour time.  







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