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John H. Howe, Architect:

From Taliesin Apprentice to Master of Organic Design


Wednesday, September 9, 6-9 pm, HGA Gallery, Rapson Hall

For more than a quarter of a century, John H. Howe (1913-1997) created some of the most

famous architectural renderings in the world. In his role as Frank Lloyd Wright’s chief draftsman

and head of the Taliesin studio during the busiest era of Wright’s career, he produced thousands

of drawings of Wright’s designs, many of which are among the finest—and most renowned—to have

emanated from the Taliesin studio. In September, the University of Minnesota Press will release

John H. Howe, Architect: From Taliesin Apprentice to Master of Organic Design.

Join us for a closing reception and book signing with the authors and exhibition curators,

Jane King Hession and Tim Quigley, AIA.



"Alexey Brodovitch and Early Modernism in American Design"


September 11

Lecture: 7pm, 32 McNeal Hall

R.Roger Remington, Massimo and Lella Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design,

Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. Discussion to follow with Alexey Brodovitch, Art Director,

cocurators, Ron Ott and Curt Lund; Tom Fisher facilitator.

This lecture, sponsored by the Goldstein Museum of Design is happening in conjunction with

The Joanne B. Eicher Symposium II, "Fashion, Sex, & Power."


Reception: 8 pm, outside Gallery 241, 2nd floor McNeal Hall

Gallery 241 will be open for viewing Alexey Brodovitch, Art Director exhibition.



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