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The Collections Research Center

The Goldstein Museum of Design offers public access to all of its resources. Dedicated to the care and study of our permanent collection, the Collections Research Center provides supervised access to collections and archival materials for University and community users. The Center also houses a reference library that is open to the public by appointment.

As a teaching museum, the Goldstein invites faculty from the University and other institutions to use our collections and knowledge in their coursework, research and other collaborative efforts.  We can also work with faculty to arrange a focused viewing of objects from the collection for their classes.

The Collections are housed in climate controlled storage areas and are not on permanent public display.  However they are teaching collections and the public is encouraged to utilize this unique resource.

To view objects from any of the collections areas, appointments can be scheduled one to two weeks in advance. Please call the Research Center at 612-625-2737 or email and we will be happy to assist you.


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